The Full Story


Glamboxx was founded in May of 2013; and is where you come to get the tools to help you in this fashionable journey called social life. Glamboxx is the essence of beauty and cosmetics providing glamour on an ordinary day. We are here to provide tools that will aide in building confidence to the individual that lacks, trendsetting styles to the bold, enhance and  embellish the beauty you were given.







When society observes your dedication to self-care; the more willing they are to be dedicated to you. We are committed to helping you unleash the beauty with in.



Glamboxx is not just cosmetics; the focus has been to match each client up with the right combination of beauty products and services to help them look their best. Also empowerment and support. We not only want to enhance but we want to teach and show you how feeling great about yourself will double advance you in life. In your Glamboxx you will find sass, courage, confidence, sophistication, sexiness and more. Knowing how to apply makeup and what colors to choose can transform how you feel, significantly change how you are perceived and enhance the natural beauty you were given.

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